Mini jam jars

Mini jam jars

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Mini jam jars, as well call them, are a wedding day staple for the DIY bride.

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Mini jam jars, as well call them, are a wedding day staple for the DIY bride. Whether they’re used as containers for thirsty posies or stacked up as alternatives to glasses on your bar that refuses to bend the knee to tradition, we can’t get enough of these simple wedding or event decorations.

Our wedding jars come in all shapes and sizes thanks to the years we’ve spent laboriously collecting interesting ones. From mini jam jars that lived their first lives as hotel breakfast conserve containers to big old pickle jars, this lot have many a story to tell. And which ones you prefer will probably completely come down to how you want to use them, because there’s not just one way to put these glass containers to task.

How to use mini jam jars

Whether you plump for the mini glass jars that lots of brides love, or prefer their bigger relatives, wedding jam jars can be used in a many a clever way. We’re always amazed at how our brides and event planners use them, and some of our favourite ways to see them all dressed up are:

  • Mini jam jars as individual stem vases
  • Wedding jars as pew ends in your church or ceremony room
  • Cocktail glasses for a less traditional bar theme
  • Wedding jam jars as tea-light candleholders

Mini jam jar sizes

Despite their name these glassy guys come in a few different sizes. Because they’re an eclectic bunch who have grown to be part of one gang over the years, rather than being born together, our wedding jars are each as individual as we all our.  To try and give our event planners a hand we’ve categorised them into three sizes, which are:

  • Mini jam jars are around 2 inches squared
  • Medium jam jars are around 4 inches squared
  • Large jam jars are around 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide
  • Giant jam jars are around 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide