Wooden trug

Wooden trug


This is one of our most popular props thanks to its rustic finish and its country charm. Ideal for filling with flowers or beers.

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Give your event a fun twist by using our wooden trug, which brings together the old and new. This little guy is a genuine antique with years of tales to tell if he could speak, but somehow the shape and size still feels relevant and modern today.

We’ve only got one wooden trug, so it’s truly unique and an item you won’t find anywhere else, not that it’s a competition. Despite our wooden trug’s only-child status we’re on the hunt for more, so if you’re looking for a few trugs similar to this one then let us know and we can let you know the latest on our prop sourcing.

How to use a wooden trug

You can use our wooden trug for whatever takes your fancy, we’re not fussy. Sometimes its our customers who come up with the very best ideas for how to use our props, so we’re always learning from other people. If you’d like a bit of a starter for ten, then we have a few different ways we’ve dressed our trug up before, detailed below:

  • As our old friend, a beer container
  • A flower holder for your church or ceremony room
  • A way to store confetti, lots of room for pretty petals
  • A photobooth prop holder

Wooden trug size

Like we said we’ve only got one wooden trug in our armoury, so there’s just one size. This is a little rough and ready due to its antique status but it’s roughly two feet long at its widest part, and around a foot tall. If there’s a different size you’re after, as we said, just give us a shout to chat over your requirements.