Dolly tub

Dolly tub


With its trendy galvanised finish this container makes the perfect centrepiece for country chic weddings and minimalistic modern affairs alike, depending on how you dress it up.

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A galvanised barrel is a must at any modern wedding, don’t you know. If you didn’t then you do now so it’s not too late to drum one up in time for your big day. And luckily we’ve got one we’d lend you if you fancy it.

This guy actually started off life as a washing tub, which is pretty glamorous if you think about it. People would have used big barrels like this to give their laundry a right good wriggle around to clean their threads in order.

Because laundry isn’t very celebratory (unless you’ve finally reached the bottom of the pile) we’ve unbound this barrel from its former chains and reinvented it as a rather fabulous wedding prop.

How to use our galvanised barrel

We think our barrel packs quite the punch as it comes, but we have a few favourite ways to dress it up for the big day in order for it to look suitably splendid. We’re so fond of it that we’ve gone so far as to detail our top ways to use our galvanised barrel below:

  • Fill it with flowers for a pretty impressive display
  • Cram it with ice and beer as a help-yourself drink station
  • Use it as a table bottom with a circle of wood as the top
  • Give it the job of photobooth prop storage

Galvanised barrel size

Our barrel is around two and a half feet tale and one and a half wide, so you can fit quite a lot into it you see. The perfect size in fact for a strong start to a party-worth of beer.