Wedding chalkboards

Wedding chalkboards

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Keep everyone in check with a series of simple and straightforward instructions given via the medium of a personalised chalkboard.

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Organising a wedding on the day can be like herding cats, and sometimes you need to spell out the rules. From timings, menus and drinks' lists to how to hashtags, no modern wedding is complete without a chalkboard.

We’ve painted our wedding chalkboards in a neutral grey, that we think works perfectly with nearly any wedding theme. If you’d like us to write up your boards we can do that too, in plain text or that fancy calligraphy that is taking over your Instagram at the moment. Whatever you want, we can get it written up before your big day, and we’ll send you a quick preview for approval before we ship them off to you.

The beauty of these wedding chalkboards is that they can be used in multiple different ways throughout the day if you’re feeling creatively confident and fancy wiping them clean and writing up new messages as you go.

How to use our personalised wedding chalkboards

As with all of our wedding decoration hire, we think there’s no right or wrong way to use these, it’s entirely up to you and how you want your day to look. If you want a little inspiration, however, then we can help with these couple of ideas for how to use a wedding chalkboard.

  • Wedding welcome signs, write up a short and sweet message to guests
  • Bar rules, keep glasses going all night with instructions for how to return them after use!
  • Menu choices, display above the bar to keep everyone in the loop

Wedding chalkboard sizes

We’ve got a couple of these, and we’ve got our eyes on a few more for future forays, so if you can’t see something you’re looking for drop us a note and we can give you the latest 411 on all things framed chalkboards. Our current sizes are:

  • Small chalkboards are roughly 60cm x 80 cm
  • Large chalkboards are roughly 120cm x 80 cm