Kilner jars

Kilner jars

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The classic Kilner jar. What more do we need to say? Whether it's confetti, sweets treats, or sundries, these genuine Kilner jars will make anything look classic.

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If Kate Middleton is the people’s princess then Kilner jars are the bride’s best friend. The simple shape of these classic containers work in almost any setting, whether you’re throwing a party in your parents’ garden or have hired a high-end hotel.

For the most part we’ve stuck to the classic Kilner jar size of 1ltr capacity, which is 6 inches tall, but we’ve also added a few variations in case you’re after different heights and sizes.

Kilner, or Mason jars, for weddings can be expensive to purchase, so we’ve got a whole hoard to hire to help with keeping those pennies in line. We’re always down for a deal too, so if you want a bulk batch of these beauties then let us know by sending us a quick email, and we’ll see what we can do.

However you want to put our Kilner jars to use they’ll come sparkling clear, with not a sticky label in sight and have that iconic orange seal. If you’d prefer them to come without these though, that’s fine too. Whatever you want, we do. It’s your big day.  

Mason jar centrepiece ideas

Put these old-fashioned preserving jars to good use at your wedding or event by making them a focal point. The way to do that? Dress them up, of course. These are a few of our favourite ways to use mason jars for weddings.

  • Mason jar flower arrangements
  • Mason jars as bar containers (think straws, ice, garnishes)
  • Confetti containers 
  • Kilner jars as sweetie holders
  • Candle holders to protect flames from the wind

Kilner jar sizes

Like we said, our biggest gang of Kilner jars are the original medium 1 litre size, but we also have small and large ones, which can be nice to add a good bit of height and depth to table displays or bar set-ups.

  • Small Kilner jars have a 0.5 litre capacity
  • Medium Kilner jars have a 1 litre capacity
  • Large Kilner jars have a 1.5 litre capacity