Hampers for weddings

Hampers for weddings

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Without being too formal we think our hampers for weddings add a classic, cool touch and can be used in all sorts of ways – from storage to decoration at your nuptials or event.

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Hampers for weddings are the perfect way to throw in a little rustic charm on D-day, without going too hard on the hay bales. These woven baskets started life as all sorts of things – picnic holders, cheese hampers and linen storage – but now they’ve got their sights firmly set on being an accessory to your big day.


How you use them is entirely up to personal preference, but we like them stacked up like a gang of really good friends, to give a nice bit of height and depth to any party decoration.

How to use hampers for weddings

There’s no wrong way to use a hamper, frankly, so don’t let anybody tell you there is. However, having had experience with these chaps before, we’ve taken the liberty of expressing some of our very favourite ways to use them at weddings or events below:

  • Photobooth prop storage – nothing kills the vibe like a plastic tub, people
  • Bathroom essentials storage – throw in some hairbrushes, dry shampoo and deodorant and pop in your bathrooms for guests to help themselves to.
  • Confetti cone holders – stack them at the entrance to your ceremony
  • Bread baskets – go big or go home we say

Our hampers for weddings sizes

These babies are mostly small-ish, around two and a half feet at their longest point and about a foot deep, but we have a couple of big boys for sturdier jobs. We’ve got a good stash of these, so just let us know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

  • Small are between two and two and a half feet across
  • Large are around 3 feet at their widest point