Hairdressing chair

Hairdressing chair


Ok, we’re not saying a hairdressing chair is essential, but hey nothing about a wedding is – apart from obviously your other half, they’re quite imperitive we’ve found.

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Despite its non-essential status, this antique high stool is the perfect place to park yourself for getting all kinds of beautification treatments on the morning of your big day.

Not only will it make your pictures pop, it’ll also spare your hairdresser’s back, which we can only imagine will make them hold you as their dearest ever bride in their heart. No bad thing.

Made from a beautiful combination of wrought iron and polished wood this beautiful hairdressing chair was picked up in an auction some years back and has been sitting pretty with us ever since. We love it for its beautifully bold lines and timeless look (and we think you will too). If you’re feeling fancy it could be jazzed up with some ribbons or flowers, but for a more architectural look let the legs do the talking on their own.

How to use a hairdressing chair

We think this chair is best used on the morning of your wedding or big do. With a comfortable back support it will help you sit still while you get pampered by hair and makeup, while also lifting you up higher than your assembled friends and family, which is just a sneaky little bonus that we think can’t hurt on your big day.  Stick it in your bedroom, a church hall or the kitchen and kick back. If you’re feeling generous you can take it in turns with your bridesmaid, mum, sisters aunties, cousins, next door neighbours or the dog, but we wouldn’tblame you for hogging it all to yourself just this once.

Hairdressing chair size

This beauty is roughly four foot tall, from top to tail and can’t be adjusted in any way given its antique nature.