Scottish wedding cake makers


Scottish wedding cakes are like any other wedding cakes, but obviously just that little bit better. We love the creativity happening in the baking world at the moment, and particularly in Scotland. We couldn’t help but gather together some of our favourite bakers to help you plan your perfect piece of cake.

Having worked as a Food Editor in London for many a year, Rosie is partial to a baked good (or three) and knows a Bake Off worthy cake when she sees one.

We love that a wedding cake can neatly sum up up the look and feel of your day in one edible package, and that they come in so many different flavours and styles. You also needn't worry if you’re not a cake person, you don’t have to suffer through sponge (personally we don’t get it, but no judgement here) - wedding cakes can be made out of anything you fancy, from pork pies to cheese wheels.

However, if it’s cake you’re after then you’re in the right place. Our pick of the bunch are modern bakers with a bit more sass than your average cake-makers. They do things a little bit differently, so you get a completely unique cake come your wedding day and don’t have to settle for standard.

We love all styles of cake, but have a particular soft spot for semi-naked ones at the moment. With their light buttercream coating and semi-formal finish they’re the perfect marriage between traditional and modern, plus we love that you can finish them however you want. We love cake flowers popped on top to match the rest of your wedding flowers, or even a simple Mr and Mrs topper made from laser-cut wood or glitter-coated wire.

Whatever you’re after we know our favourite Scottish cake makers are up to the job. Have a browse through the listings below, and if you like the look of one of them then feel free to drop us a line to help set up relations, or give them a little email yourself if you fancy it.