Rosewood Cakes

Rosewood Cakes make incredible edible creations, and are based in Glasgow. Their bespoke service means they can cater for any theme, style or taste - making them one of our favourite Scottish wedding suppliers when it comes to cake. Here we catch up with one of their owner's, Edwina, to find out a little bit more about what they do

How would you describe your style?

We create unique and beautiful hand-crafted wedding cake designs to reflect the individual styles of each couple and their wedding day.  We love to get to know our clients and really get a feel for their requirements, we never make two cakes the same! Our designs all have clean lines and sharp edges but the styles range from artistic watercolours and hand painted cakes to alternative marble, and geode tiers to classic and elegant sugar lace and piped detail, to glamorous and extravagant cakes with shimmer icing and elaborate sugar florals. We love a challenge and will create anything you like!

What makes you different?

Our cake tiers are extra tall at around 6” each which ensures they really stand out. All our detail work is done by hand and we invest a lot of time into painstakingly hand-crafting the delicate sugar flowers. Perhaps above all is that we’ll create any flavour you like!  Don’t feel obliged to go for traditional fruit or victoria sponge (though we will of course make these – and several riffs on them too!), we love our coconut, white chocolate and passion fruit or our toffee sponge with salted caramel and fudge buttercream to a dense and truffley chocolate guiness sponge with cream cheese.  If you tell us your favourite flavours we’ll create something fantastical!

What do you love most about what you do?

Rosewood Cakes is run by us, that is Edwina & Chris a husband and wife team! We started the business after the birth of our second child and we run it from our home studio in Glasgow's west end.  We love our clients - there is always happy and positive vibes which is just wonderful! I never get tired of hearing about weddings, and I love the creative process that goes from designing the cake through to the decoration and seeing it come to life. When we get thank you cards and positive reviews it really affirms our decision to start Rosewood Cakes, we love our job! 

What's your favourite part of a wedding?

Personally I love the speeches!  I’ve been known to shed a wee tear or two!  They bring so much love and emotion, which is what a wedding is all about.

Where do your prices start?

All of our cakes are bespoke so the price reflects the design and the detail work involved, we happily give an indication of the price range once we know more about a client's requirements. 

How can people contact you?

Have a look at our portfolio on our website or on our instagram.  Please feel free to also contact us directly on 07861 788 491 or by email, we would love to hear from you!