Average price for wedding flowers: How much should wedding flowers cost?


The average price for wedding flowers is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string question’.  According to wedding planning website Hitched the average wedding cost is now at a whopping £27.161 for couples in the UK, which we happen to think is a little ludicrous but hey ho. Towards the end of 2017 they surveyed 4,000 brides to get their lucky number, and pulled the above as the final figure.

There’s no definite data (yet!) on how much of this big sum brides and grooms are flinging at their florals, but from our average spends we could take a good guess at it. Here’s what we think is the average price for wedding flowers.

Average price for wedding flowers: Our experience


In our, most humble, experience we’re seeing brides spend around the £1000 mark on flowers for their big day, before they start to think about other decorations and prop hire. This gets them a lovely spread for the bridal party, a few fancy bits for the ceremony and some goods for the table centres. On average it breaks down to something similar to this little list:

  • Bridal bouquet: £85

  • Bridesmaid bouquets (3 x £45): £135

  • Grooms party buttonholes: (4 x £7): £28

  • Mother of the bride/groom oursages (2 x £12): £24

  • Simple ceremony foliage arch: £180

  • Small table centres (10 X £45): £450

  • Thank you bouquets (2 x £45): £90

Total: £992

If you’d like to download our full list of prices for 2018, for both flowers and props, then you can get our price list by clicking this here link.

Of course prices go up and down depending on what flowers our brides want. For garden roses, for example, we have to charge more as they come in at a pretty penny at the market. And volume of flowers is another key factor. Some of our lovely brides and grooms plump for foliage only, which can help keep the cost down. We’re always happy to work to a budget when it comes to helping you get your perfect flowers for your perfect price, so just send us a little email if you’re interested in a personalised quote.

Unlike lots of suppliers our prices include that dreaded VAT, but it's worth remembering that set-up and delivery comes at a little extra, and is charged out as a set fee + milage. We'll always be open and honest about this though, and you're more than welcome to pick up your flowers if you're just after bouquets and buttonholes. 

Average price for wedding flowers: From the experts


We wouldn’t like anyone to think we were getting ahead of ourselves with the old financial advice, so we had a little search on the internet to see if we could find out any more details for the age old question, ‘how much should wedding flowers cost?’

We headed over to Bridebook (which is a fab budget planning tool FYI, if you’re into that sort of thing), popped in the average cost of a wedding as reported by Hitched (£27,173) and asked them to calculate what we, as fictional brides, should be spending on flowers. As part of our overall breakdown we added paper invites, a live band and a videographer as optional extras (because who doesn’t want those things?) and they gave us a very similar result to our own, saying our imaginary flower budget should come in somewhere around £1074.

If you’re nosy like us you might be wondering where the other £26,099 is going, because as much as we’d like to think so, a wedding cannot survive on flowers alone. Here’s the breakdown of the other bits and bobs:

  • Venue: £7843

  • Florist: £1074

  • Photographer: £1424

  • Videographer: £967

  • Food and drink: £7105

  • Music: £1,853

  • Cake: £376

  • Stationary: £403

  • Transport: £564

  • Decoration and prop hire: £833

Total spend: £27,173

So there you go, £12 over budget and including transport that comes in at about the same value as the current cars we own, but a breakdown none the less.  We're also wondering where the money for our made-up dream dress is, but hey we'll let that lie for now since we've still got to find one of us a husband. 


We’d love to know what you think of the above, is it similar to what you’re planning to spend? Let us know by sending us a wee email, and let’s chat weddings. Or even do that cool-kid thing and leave us a comment in the box below.