Cambo estate wedding: Kelly and Conor’s relaxed day

As our first visit to this magical place, we didn’t know what to expect from a Cambo Estate wedding when Kelly and Conor first got in touch. But whatever we could have dreamed up, they went one better.

We usually know from the first chat with our brides and grooms what kind of couple they are, and Kelly and Conor were super laidback, really stylish and had a good dose of creativity about them too. We weren’t going to say no to working with them. We’re not idiots. Most of the time.

They asked us to do their flowers and tablecloths, while Kelly sorted the rest by scouring charity shops for candlesticks for months beforehand and making their incredible bespoke table plan as well as a whole host of other personal touches. When it came to their flowers the only specifications were ‘muted colours, gathered-style and no roses’. Although, being little brats we managed to sneak some roses in there anyway when we convinced Kelly that an old fashioned, single-layer rose was a pretty good addition to any bouquet.

cambo estate wedding-lavender-and-rose-Keldo-Conrad-Wedding-Jo-Donaldson-Photography-89.jpg

A Cambo Estate wedding is always going to be a unique thing, because the venue puts literally no restrictions on you. You can have any caterers you want, guests can BYOB if you like, there’s the option to get married in a woodland, walled garden or tattie barn – and the party setup options are endless. Because of the size of Kelly and Conor’s wedding the Courtyard was perfect for them. They were helped in the lead up to the big day by the lovely Emma, one of Cambo’s wedding planners who couldn’t have done more to make sure everything was perfect for them.

They chose long trestle tables under the pitched roof and had the doors flung open to let in a good dose of that classic Scottish sunshine. Gotta get the Vit D whenever you can. To top their tables they chose beautiful slate blue tablecloths, which we sourced from the amazing Little Bee and The Owl (who we also get all our silk ribbons from, and can’t praise highly enough) and greenery wreathing, which we made in small movable parts to accommodate their sharing-style platters.

Above the open barn-style doors Kelly, in a moment of genius, thought to hang a huge floral garland and glass candle spheres which would act as the main focal point for guests throughout the dinner and dancing. 

cambo estate wedding-lavender-and-rose-Keldo-Conrad-Wedding-Jo-Donaldson-Photography-141.jpg

We loved how Kelly and Connor weren’t worried about the ‘done thing’, and let their bridal and grooms parties wear whatever they wanted. This theme continued in their choice of flowers, with the bridesmaids having individually designed flower crowns instead of more traditional bouquets. These beautiful crowns of delicate details were tied with wide, sage green silk ribbon. The boys were treated to mix ‘n’ match buttonholes for a less liner look.

cambo estate wedding-lavender-and-rose-Keldo-Conrad-Wedding-Jo-Donaldson-Photography-408.jpg

For the queen herself, Kelly, we picked scented, British blooms from a gorgeous local Grower (also called Rosie. All the best people are) named Scottish Cut Flowers as well as some stems from The Real Flower Company, who specialise in scented, beautiful blooms. That all came together in a pastel bomb of colour and was finished with more of the Little Bee and The Owl’s silk ribbons, in toning shades. As we gave the bouquet to her Kelly cried for the first time that day, which in a slightly perverse twist we like to think of as a success. If they were happy tears, that is. In Kelly’s hair she had a few wired flowers, which were worked into her braided crown, expertly pulled together by her sister.

One of the best bits of the day was spending time with Kelly and Conor as they wandered around the estate, welcoming friends and family. They were so laidback, and you could just tell there were no nerves because they knew they were only formally sealing a deal that they had made a long time ago now.

Our other highlight was seeing the work of so many amazing suppliers, picked by Kelly and Conor, come together. The photography was done by Jo Donaldson Photography, who are the fab and fun couple - Jo and Liam. They had an amazing energy and similarly laidback approach to the day that seemed to make everyone feel completely relaxed around them, which is definitely the sign of a good photographer. Then, just when you’re feeling chill, BAM, they get that shot of you gazing out a window pondering the scope of your love for the world. They’re also really witty, which is a bonus.

On catering were Foxhat Food who served up an incredible-smelling banquet of barbecue food that we were pretty devastated not to have tried. Next time. Kelly’s dress was from Hermione De Paula, who makes bespoke lace dresses where you can weave in personal details like dates and names, or specific flowers. And on wedding planning was Cambo Estate’s very own Louise who was almost as excited as Kelly on the day. Which is what you want, isn’t it?

So, that’s us probably done now. A last tip, if you’re ever at Cambo, try the cheese toastie stand down at the beach. That shit was life-changing.

Photography provided with kind permission of Kelly and Conor Jo Donalson Photography – thanks guys!