Scottish wedding food trucks


Food trucks are a bit like babies, everybody likes them. It really doesn't matter if your Aunty only serves tea in china cups on a silver tray, she's still guaranteed to love a slice of pizza after a Shiraz or eight on your big day.

Just because we're a small country doesn't mean we have a small offering when it comes to food. There are loads of cool Scottish food truck brands who are willing to travel the length and breadth of our country to make sure your wedding guests get a really good feed following a bit of a boogie. 

You might be in the market for delicious, mucky food like pizza or fish and chips (exactly the kind of food you'd want nowhere near your dress) or you might want a prosecco truck to keep the bubbles coming all night long. Whatever you're after we've tried to find quirky, cool or damn right delicious – and often all three - food options for you.

Some people like food trucks in the evening, instead of a buffet. Because everyone can come and go as they like food trucks are an easy way to serve hot food all through your hours of late-night-dancing. You could go for a one-size-fits-all option (in Scotland that'd be fish and chips) or you could get a few on board and offer up a festival-like smorgasbord of options for your guests.

Other couples like to do away with traditional catering in favour of food trucks, to give a more relaxed vibe for a fraction of the price of a three course sit-down meal.

Whatever you fancy there’s sure to be someone somewhere to offer exactly what you’re looking for. Two of our favourite Scottish wedding suppliers are listed below – a traditional fish and chip offering straight from a converted truck, and a vintage Italian van that serves prosecco all night long from taps fitted on the side – heaven. 


Poco Prosecco

For a bit of fun and fizz Poco Prosecco pour the good stuff straight from their vintage Italian van. 


Fish & Frites

Nothing beats a chippy, and these guys bring the fried goods directly to the dance floor (well, pretty near).