Wooden crates

Wooden crates

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What we love most about wooden crates is that no two are ever the same.

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What we love most about wooden crates is that no two are ever the same. Each one’s look is dictated by the wood used, the way the fixings are placed and the finishing touches. We don’t have pictures of all of our wooden crates, so send us an email if you have something in mind that you can’t see at the moment.

Whether you like them jazzed up with a lick of paint, a bit worn and ‘pre-loved’ or sanded and polished, a wooden crate is sure to bring a bit of good old fashion charmed to your wedding or event. And because there’s no end of ways to use these beauties the world really is your oyster. Have a bit of fun coming up with how you want yours to look and we guarantee you’ll begin to think outside th box (sorry).

Ways to use wooden crates

Well, now you ask we do think there’s many a way to use a wooden crate, and we’re happy to share a few of them. Aside from carting things about in (which is a great side-benefit of these buys) these are some of our favourite ways to use our vintage crates:

  • Plant them up and use them as boarder flowerbeds
  • Arrange confetti cones in them at your ceremony
  • Build them up to make a bar
  • Use them for shelving
  • Throw some photobooth props in them
  • Turn them upside down and use them as stools

Wooden crate sizes

Whether you’re looking for small wooden crates, large wooden crates, or something in between we should be able to help. We’ve got a bit of a mismatched lot (that’s the joy of vintage crates) so we can’t be too specific but below gives a rough outline of sizes:

  • Small wooden crates are 2ft squared
  • Medium wooden crates are 2.4ft squared
  • Large wooden crates are 3ft square