Wood and copper candlesticks

Wood and copper candlesticks

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These copper and pine scandi-style candlesticks will quite literally help to brighten up your day.

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We’ve got a bit of a chip on our shoulder about the lack of options when it comes to wedding prop hire in Scotland, we might be a small country but we’ve got Pinterest and we want what the rest of the world has. So long story short, we decided to make our own.

Along with millions of other social media users we’re seriously into Scandi style of late, and wanted candlesticks to reflect this look. Our solution was these beautiful wood and copper piping candlesticks that create a clean, fresh finished look.

Use them sparingly to make a statement about how minimal and fuss-free you are or layer them up for a big smack of impact – however you use them they’re sure to look great. The only thing you’ll need to add is candles, but even those we can get for you if you’d prefer.

How to use wood and copper candlesticks

We’ve said it before, but candlesticks pretty much have one use – to hold candles up nice and straight and to bring a touch of romance. We like them lined up down the middle of dining tables but think they also look good in these few settings:

  • Popped up on a shelf to add light at height
  • Line them up on a buffet table for a bit of pizazz
  • Prop them up on the bar to illuminate your fabulous drink choices
  • Add them to your loos for a sophisticated ambiance

Wood and copper candlesticks sizes

We can make our wood and copper candlesticks to order, so that they can come however big or small as you like. To kick things off, and as a base, we’ve made up a few each of three different sizes:

  • Small have two candle holders
  • Medium have three candle holders
  • Large have five candle holders