List of spring flowers: Scotland and beyond 

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Obviously we don’t have a favourite time of year to do weddings, but if you put a gun to our heads there’s something about the spring season, flowers everywhere, the sun just starting to make an appearance, the anxiety of potential spring showers… 

There’s something magical about spring flowers. After the scant offerings of winter they suddenly come bounding out all full of pastel perfection and hint at the promise of longer days. With peonies, ranunculus and anemones being in the line-up, we’ve got to say that spring blooms have to be some of the most popular wedding flowers going. 

Anyway, the point of this blog is to act as a little list of spring flowers you can refer to if you’re getting married at some point during this glorious season. We do always, of course, recommend our favourite seasonal flowers to our brides and are on hand to make suggestions along the way. So what we’re trying to say is feel free to drop us an email or a message on Instagram if you have any questions around your favourite flowers and when they might be available. 

But enough of the chatting, time to get to the hard stuff. Here is a list of spring flowers available in Scotland (and the UK): 


List of spring flowers scotland alliums.jpg

These pretty plumes of flowers are part of the onion family, so they can occasionally have a slightly savoury scent. Don’t let that put you off though, if used in the right way they can add a pretty texture and a pop of colour. Just keep them far away from dessert tables!

Allium flower meaning: Originally held in high regard for their medicinal properties allium are also thought to mean perfection, elegance, unity and patience. All good things we’re sure you’ll agree. 

When do alliums flower in the UK? Depending on their variety you can find alliums blooming from late spring through to midsummer. 

What colours do alliums come in? Alliums come in a range of colours, from blue, white and purple to a lovely soft yellow. 

Random allium tip: Because of their smell it’s probably best to keep these beauties away from your bouquet too, unless you really love onions!


List of spring flowers anenome.jpg

These petally pals have striking centres and come in a whole host of gorgeous colours. 

Anemone flower meaning: According to come people anemone flowers symbolise protection against evil or bad wishes. Perfect for a day where we want none of that shite. 

When do anemones flower in the UK? If you’re after UK grown gorgeousness then you can usually count on these blossoming between February to May (and sometimes even later in good old chilly Scotland). 

What colours do anemones come in? One of the most popular anemone varieties is a white one appropriately called ‘The Bride’. It has a green centre and bright silky petals that make it perfect for wedding work. Other types have deep blue or black middles and give the most amazing contrast – they come in bright red, pink and purple as well as soft pastel versions of those colours too. 

Random anemone tip: Apparently when the petals of an anemone close up it means a rainstorm is approaching. Could be a good wedding addition for that reason alone – your very own weather predictors. 


List of spring flowers scotland blossom.jpg

There’s nothing quite like blossom season, when all the trees begin to bloom. With their fluffy branches laden full of petals sometimes we can’t help but snip one off here or there, bring it home and have them on display for a few days. Don’t tell our neighbours.

Blossom flower meaning: In the Japanese culture, who we can probably agree are the biggest ever fans of blossom, these flowers symbolise the fragility of life – displaying a reminder that our existence is beautiful but short-lived and so to use it wisely. Noted.  

When does blossom flower in the UK? There are lots of different types of blossoms that all come and go throughout spring, but the most popular is cherry blossom. These blooms usually come out around April but can be earlier or later depending on the good old Scottish weather. 

What colours does blossom come in? Blossom comes in all sorts of pastel tones but the two main colours are pale pink and white. 

Random blossom tip: Cherry blossom petals are edible. Although, thinking about it, we wouldn’t recommend eating them if you’ve sourced them from a florist as they’ll no doubt have been sprayed with pesticides. 


List of spring flowers scotland bluebells1.jpg

Spring wouldn’t be spring without glades filled to the brim with these blue beauties, would it now? 

Bluebell flower meaning: These small stems of bells are thought to mean humility or gratitude, and are also associated with everlasting love. Ahhh.

When do bluebells flower in the UK? Usually bluebells flower between mid April and late May and are often found in woodland areas. 

What colours do bluebells come in? As the name suggests these guys are mostly blue, but bluebells also come in hues of purple, white and a mix of white and blue stripes, which we love. 

Random bluebell tip: These small soft blooms aren’t often available in flower markets, but are perfect for gathering yourself if you’re a bit of a DIY bride. They’re better in water, rather than bouquets – so great for jam jars on tables. 


List of spring flowers scotland camellia.jpg

With flowers and foliage equally as beautiful this early spring shrub makes a great alternative to roses if you’re looking to stick to British blooms. 

Camellia flower meaning: As with most flowers the camellia’s meaning is pretty perfect for a wedding, symbolising love, affection, and admiration.

When does camellia flower in the UK? There are a few different varieties but for the most part you’ll find camellias flowering from late winter to early spring, so if you’re having a your bash in February or March they’re worth keeping an eye out for you. 

What colours does camellia come in? Our favourite has to be the ruffly white ones, but for the most part they come in red, pink, and a mixture of those three colours.

Random camellia tip: You can actually get yellow varieties, but they’re only grown in China. 


List of spring flowers scotland crocus.jpg

Small and squat with a good hit of colour, crocus are often found springing up (pardon the pun, that’s very us isn’t it?) through lawns and verges in early spring. 

Crocus flower meaning: Crocus represent two things we’re always keen to embody, youthfulness and gladness. 

When do crocus flower in the UK? These guys have quite the season, with possible blooming from Feb to late May. Nobody likes over achievers, fellas.

What colours do crocus come in? Crocus come in those classic spring colours (you know, the ones you’d have stuck on your Easter bonnet) – yellow, purple and white. 

Random crocus tip: Did you know that saffron comes from the stamens of crocus? Which is why it’s so expensive. Imagine picking out every tiny little piece and then drying it just so you can enjoy a lovely paella. 


List of spring flowers scotland daffodils1.jpg

The quintessential spring flowers, daffodils brighten up flowerbeds and banks up and down the country in early spring, and bring with them a splash of colour just when we need it most. 

Daffodils flower meaning: As you might expect daffodils are most commonly associated with spring, and in line with that often are also said to represent vitality and renewal. 

When do daffodils flower in the UK? In the UK you can expect daffodils to flower between March and April but they are usually available for longer, a little before and a little after. 

What colours do daffodils come in? Daffs come in all kinds of sunshine colours – yellows whites and oranges. 

Random daffodil tip: If you’re picking daffodils try to reach right down and pluck from nearer the ground. The solid white bit at the bottom of the tem helps draw up and trap water to help keep the flowers alive longer. 


List of spring flowers scotland hellebores1.jpg

We might be caught saying this about any of the little darlings that feature in this list of spring flowers, but hellebores really are one of our favourites.

Hellebores flower meaning: We can’t find a strict meaning for these flowers, which are also known as a Christmas Roses. Their name, though, comes from a legend that these pretty flowers grew in a spot where a little girl’s tears fell on the snow after she didn’t have a gift to bring the baby Jesus. Poor thing, we’re sure he wouldn’t have minded.

When do hellebores flower in the UK? These beauties have a pretty long season, springing up between February and April. With flowers being flown in from abroad you can expect to see them at the flower markets for months either side of this time frame too. 

What colours do hellebores come in? Hellebores come in a beautiful array of muted shades – green, purple, white, yellow and pink. We love ‘em.

Random hellebores tip: Hellebores only flower three years after sowing, so they’re a real labour of love. Thank you flower growers.


List of spring flowers hyacinth1.jpg

Highly fragrant with beautiful pastel coloured flowers, hyacinths add a gorgeous scent to wedding flowers. 

Hyacinth flower meaning: The colour of these blooms determines their meaning – it is thought that the blue flowers mean sincerity while the purple could represent apology for a wrong doing. Think we’ll stick to blue then.

When do hyacinth flower in the UK? Hyacinths tend to flower in the UK during March and April, along with daffodils and other quintessential spring flowers. 

What colours do hyacinths come in? From purple and pink to deep blue, hyacinths come in quite a few different shades. The most popular shade for weddings, though, is definitely the whites and creams. 

Random hyacinth tip: Hyacinths don’t need earth to grow, you can force these little guys to bloom in water alone while they’re still bulbs. 


List of spring flowers iris.jpg

Immediately recognisable, iris flowers grow in boggy areas and present gorgeous splashes of colour in spring. 

Iris flower meaning: Iris flowers have lots of meanings – thought to represent virtues like faith, courage, hope, admirations and wisdom. 

When do iris flower in the UK? Usually iris flowers bloom between April and May, providing a gorgeous contrast to the rest of spring’s pastel coloured pretties.

What colours do iris come in? The most common colour for irises is purple with a yellow fleck, but they also come in white, pink, blue and white. 

Random iris tip: Did you know Iris in Greek means ‘rainbow’? We would love to see a rainbow made out of iris flowers. Maybe we’ll make one soon. 


List of spring flowers scotland magnolia.jpg

An absolute favourite flower of ours has to be magnolia. These elegant blossoms herald the start of spring and are only around fleetingly, making them seem all the more precious. 

 Magnolia flower meaning: It is thought that magnolia represents dignity and nobility, with it being a symbol of womanly beauty and gentleness in ancient China. 

When do magnolia tress flower in the UK? Most varieties of magnolia are in season, or bloom, in February and March but other varieties don’t spring into life until around June so depending on the variety you could be lucky a little later on in the year. 

What colours do magnolia trees come in? Magnolia colours vary, and align similarly with peony colours. It comes in soft pink and white most commonly, with pastel yellow and deep red being more rare. 

Random magnolia tip: If you’re thinking of using magnolia in your wedding consider it as a single statement piece, as we think it looks best when presented en masse. It’s beautiful used singly as a ceremony archway, or even as a bouquet. When used on its own it gives arrangements a gorgeous architectural feel. 


List of spring flowers scotland muscari 1.jpg

Similar looking to bluebells, if a little smaller, these gorgeous little pops of blue are a great way to introduce a bit of texture to your spring wedding flowers. 

Muscari flower meaning: After much Googling it would seem like muscari flowers don’t have a specific meaning attributed to them but in general blue flowers tend to mean something along the lines of power and confidence. So you.

When does mascara flower in the UK? Most commonly muscari flowers in April and May, but for the past couple of years it’s been earlier because of the warmer weather. If you’re looking for it outside of these times you may be able to elongate your window with flowers flown in from abroad. 

What colours does mascara come in? Much like bluebells mascara comes in white and blue colours. 

Random muscari tip: If asking for these at a market or florist it’s worth knowing these pretty flowers are also called Grape Hyacinths. 


List of spring flowers peonies.jpg

Perhaps the most pinned flower ever (that’s a guess, not a stat), peonies have become hugely popular with brides. With their layers of ruffles and tones of soft pink and creams it’s not hard to see why. 

Peony flower meaning: We think people must design the meanings of flowers to sell them to suckers, and we’re total suckers. But peonies, apparently, are a symbol for a happy marriage as well as good fortune and prosperity. Sold, sir, thank you.

When do peonies flower in the UK? In the UK peonies are usually available from mid May to early July but if you’ve got your heart set on them outside of this time frame you usually can get them a little earlier in Spring, shipped in from abroad. 

What colours do peonies come in? Peonies come in all kinds of pink tones, from very dark red through to coral, pale pink and white. 

Random peony tip: If you’re wondering how to get your peonies to open early, try stripping off all their foliage and cutting their stems at an angle before placing in lukewarm water. Leave in a bright, warm spot to encourage blooming. 


List of spring flowers ranunculus1.jpg

It’s going to happen again. We’ve got another favourite. Ranunculus look like little ballet skirts and have to be one of the most popular spring wedding flowers ever. 

Ranunculus flower meaning: If ever there was a flower that summed you up, it must be these guys. Thought to mean radiant charm and you are attractive, these flowers are the perfect bouquet filler as well as making a pretty good gift for all your favourite people. 

When do ranunculus flower in the UK? Ranunculus usually flower in the UK between March and May. If you’ve got your heart set on including these in your bouquet though you may be able to get them from abroad outside of this time frame. 

What colours do ranunculus come in? Ranunculus come in all kinds of incredible colours. Pale pink, cream, mottled purple, deep coral and almost dark black are all possibilities, which means they work for nearly every colour theme. 

Random ranunculus tip: Ranunculus prefer room temperature water, rather than cool straight from the tap. Additionally, if having them as cut flowers, remember to cut their stems at an angle so they don’t ‘choke’ against the bottom of the vase. Tepid water and angled stems = happy flowers.


List of spring flowers scotland-snowdrop.jpg

One of the first sign of spring, lots of people love snow drops and we think they’re a great inclusion in a spring wedding – perfect for jam jars or miniature arrangements. 

Snowdrop flower meaning: There are a few different ideas when it comes to the meaning of snowdrops but the most common ideas are purity, hope and rebirth. 

When do snowdrops flower in the UK? A very early contender for our favourite spring flowers snowdrops start to appear in the UK during January and bloom until late February/early March. 

What colours do snowdrops come in? As their name suggests snowdrops are white, but they do have little bright green flecks which add to their daintiness. 

Random snowdrop tip: Because of their soft stems snowdrops don’t like to be out of water for too long, meaning their not great for things like buttonholes or flower crowns. Keep them nice and hydrated (and looking pretty) by keeping them in jam jars or small water-based arrangements. 


List of spring flowers lilac.jpg

Fragrant and fluffy, we can’t help but love the blossom of lilac trees. 

Lilac flower meaning: The meaning of lilac depends on the colour, with white thought to represent purity and innocence and purple considered to mean spirituality. There is also a magenta colour which means love and passion, so depending on your big day vibe any could be the perfect addition to your wedding. 

When does lilac flower in the UK? These chaps are late to the spring party, only flowering around late May. Snap ‘em up when you can. 

What colours does lilac come in? Lilac comes in white, purple, blue, and a deep pink too. 

Random lilac tip: If you’re looking for your lilac to last longer try cutting a deep, inch long x in the bottom of each stem. Splitting it like this will allow more water to be drawn up to the flower (which keeps them happy and hydrated). 


List of spring flowers scotland tulips2.jpg

Coming in almost every colour of the rainbow tulips are one of our favourite flowers.

Tulip flower meaning: Tulips are often though to signify perfect love, which is a pretty nice sentiment for a wedding we think you can agree. Apparently these little guys were also held up as a symbol for charity by Victorians. 

When do tulips flower in the UK? Usually tulips are in season in Scotland between March and May, depending on our old friend the weather. If you’re sourcing from Holland or further afield though, you can usually get them for much longer, either side of that season. 

What colours do tulips come in? Tulips come in almost every colour, from white and very pale pastels to bold, striking colours like deep purple and bright red. And if there’s not a natural colour in one option suppliers often dye them to demand, with brown tulips being a recent favourite. We would warn though, those babies can stain so aren’t ideal if you’re going to be holding them near your lovely wedding dress or freshly pressed suit. 

Random Tulip tip: If you find your tulips wilting or becoming floppy in their vase you can straighten up they stems again with the help of a pin. Put a little prick through their stem, just below the base of the flower, by pushing a pin through one side and out the other. We’re not entirely sure on the science but think it’s something to do with the flower reacting to the little nip it’s had and drawing more water up its stem, thus straightening it. Genius we think. 

Rosie Conroy