Christening flowers: ideas and options


Christening flowers aren’t exactly an essential on the list of things your baby needs to survive (looking at you, water, food and air) but they are a nice little addition to any celebration.

We did a christening recently where the parents were keen to have gorgeous muted tones for their little one, without subscribing to either a blue or a pink camp in terms of theme. Soft tones are perfect for babies, so that you can keep your decorations lovely and gentle without going too hard down the prescribed gender route. Sorry, that got a bit heavy there. 

For Christening flower ideas you don’t need to go mad, a few little flourishes here and there are enough to pep up a party. For this particular number there was a sweet church ceremony and a family get-together back at the little babe’s house for his closest gang.

To decorate the church we went for a simple pedestal arrangement – just enough to brighten up the font area for a few family snaps. The little boy’s mum and dad loved varied texture and shape, so we plumped for dusky roses and lots of summertime British foliage and flowers, including sweet peas, scabious and mock orange. The combination of subtle blue and dusky pinks worked really well with the off whites and varying colours of foliage for a bit of a wild look.

Back at the house we used the same flowers to make a table centre urn for the buffet (which, if you’re interested included a mountain of macarons. How we miss them). We also did a variety of bud vases, a couple of chunky jam jars and a photo hoop to display some of the Christening boy’s (that’s a phrase, surely?) best pictures from throughout his first year.

All in all the little extra touches gave a pretty lift to an already pretty good celebration. We thought it might be useful for some of you to know how much everything  cost, in case you’re planning on doing something similar or want to compare prices on quotes you’ve been given. We used really gorgeous, high end flowers, so you can definitely do this a little bit more cheaply if you want a little summit summit without wall to wall flowers.

Here’s what things cost:

  • Small church urn arrangement: £150

  • Tabletop asymmetric arrangement: £150

  • Bud vases x 20: £100

  • Large jam jars x 2: £40

  • Flower and foliage photo hoop: £75

  • Total: £515

If you’ve seen anything you like the look of and want to ask us any questions about organising flowers for your own event then just send us a wee email and we’ll chat. 

Abigail Maden