Wedding jewellery and accessories


Wedding accessories can be a tricky thing to get right. Do you go for the bling on the one day nobody can tell you not to? Or do you go subtle and understated? Maybe it’s a mix of both…

The one thing that shouldn’t be tricky is finding the right brand to suit your style. There are some really amazing Scottish wedding accessory and jewellery makers around at the moment, so we couldn't put together our list of Scottish wedding suppliers without including some of these lovely girls who are designing detailed pieces for brides up and down the land.

Picking your accessories is down to personal preference (some brides don't want anything at all) but we've brought together a couple of our favourites to make sure you can see a few of the Scottish options out there before making your decision. It’s not that we’re against picking up beautiful pieces elsewhere, but there’s something really special about wearing something on your wedding day that was designed and crafted in the place you’ve chosen to get married.

If you're patriotic and looking for a way to wear your country with pride then choosing some Scottish accessories is a good way to go. Depending on size and spec they’re often a snip of the price of main retailer’s options, and in our humble opinion a lot more interesting too.

If you have a simple dress it might be that you're looking for a detailed belt to give it its final finishing flourish. Or if you've got a whole gaggle of girls in your wedding party you might want to get them all a little treat to wear in their hair come your if day. 

From belts and tiaras, to rings and hair clips, these Scottish wedding accessory makers have you covered.  


Ava Grace Design

Ava Grace Designs make stunning hair accessories and wedding belts, and can even be made to your bespoke specifications.