Scottish confetti suppliers


It might not seem like the biggest deal, but confetti can add a whole new dimension to the most photographed part of your big day. 

Cast your mind back to just about any Pinterest board you've seen of a happy bride and groom bounding out of their ceremony and there was surely confetti involved. These beautiful flakes of colour bring magic and excitement to the air whilst also giving your guests a pretty fun excuse to chuck stuff at you while you’re in your glad rags. 

You might be after natural petal confetti, for a rustic, subtle look, or your might like those little party polkadots of bright pinks and yellows. Whichever kind of confetti you go for, one thing is certain - it'll make your day picture perfect.

Real flower confetti is becoming more and more popular thanks to its delicate finish and because of its biodegradable credentials. A Lot of venues now don’t allow for overly processed confetti, because it doesn’t break down easily and can cause a little bit of a mess post-party. A pretty mess, but a mess all the same if you’re the one left to clean it up.  

If you’re thinking you won’t be able to get your hands on some homegrown confetti this side of the border, then think again. It’s a bit of a myth that thanks to our… unique Scottish weather, we can’t grow beautiful blooms. Because of this a lot of people don’t realise you can get your hands on confetti made from Scottish-grown flowers. Turns out all that water actually produces some pretty powerful flowers, and our confetti connoisseurs turn those blooms into little bundles of joy in confetti form.

The type of petals you choose depend on your theme, but between these confetti cuties you should be able to find exactly what you need. From soft peachy rose petals to strong blue cornflower strands, these suppliers can mix and match dried flower petals to make your perfect combination. 


Cloudberry Flowers

Homegrown and handmade, Catherine, from Cloudberry Flowers, creates beautifully colourful confetti from her very own blooms.