Scottish wedding photo booths


Photo booths in Scotland look to be a trend that ain't going away, because who doesn't want to see all your aunties a bit far gone in snaps that will last a lifetime? 

There are a few different options when it comes to photo booths, depending on what your style and what you want.

Some people like an enclosed photo booth, with a traditional pull-across curtain so guests feel like they can let loose (hopefully not too loose) and do whatever they want. Other couples like their photo booths open, which is an increasingly popular choice, so that they can pick and choose which background they use, to make sure it ties in with their theme. Hold tight for a shameless self-plug: we actually design and make photo booth backgrounds, so yanno, call us?

If all of that sounds like too much faff then there's always the good old option of an instant camera, some of your mum's most dated 'fashion' items and a few friends. This DIY option is a cheap and cheerful way to get informal snaps of your guests while not

While there might only be a few companies in Scotland offering photo booths for weddings, we think they’re good ones. We’ve picked out our favourite to get you started and we’re going to keep looking around for another couple to compliment the guys below, so that you have lots of choice on the entertainment for your big day.

If you’ve got the budget we really do think a photo booth is an investment, and it can be a fun way to fill a guest book too. Friends and family can take silly snaps, stick them in your book and leave you a little message – just don’t forget the Pritt Stick!  Scroll down to have a little look at our pick of the bunch. 


Odd Box Photo Booths

This stylish set-up comes from the guys at Odd Box. In a natural wood finish, their photo booth matches any theme.